Bangiya Sanskritik Sangha

Vanue : Keyes Girls High School, Secunderabad
Date : 13-22 October 2015
Days : 10 days of festivity starting from Oct 13, 14 (Prathama), 15(Dwitiya), 16(Tritiya),
17(Chaturthi), 18(Panchami), 19(Shasti), 20(Saptami), 21(Ashtami) and Oct 22 (navami)

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Bangiya Sanskritik Sangha, Secunderabad celebrates Sarvojanin Durgotsab at Keyes Girls High School, Secunderabad, every year, towards achieving its avowed objectives by way of serving the Society in terms of assimilation and synthesis of cultural ethos of all the Communities irrespective of class, creed, race, religion or region. Goddess Durga is the mother of universe and she is the personification of tender love, wealth, power, beauty and all virtues. The complete image of Goddess Durga represents the destruction of evil and protection of good and reflects the point that in order to become divine one should keep one's animal instincts under control. Thus, by worshiping Durga the idea of ruthless destruction is invoked to annihilate all the desires and unfold divinity. This festival thus creates a platform of festivity, fun, frolic &splendour and above all essence of the attainment of positive virtues.

Daily Footfalls : Average of 30,000 plus daily and eyeballs 1 lakh plus daily Audience Profile : Urban-centric, Educated, Middle Class & Upper Middle Class with disposable income.

USP of this Festival :

 Major Cultural Conglomeration during Dussehra at Hyderabad & Secunderabad drawing crowd from all parts of the City.
The Festival attracts 80% of the local crowd representing Tamilians, Marwaris, Punjabis,Gujratis and others and the local Telugu population.
The Food & the Eateries are also one of the major attraction.
The Cultural Programme with artists from Kolkata & Mumbai are also the Highpoints of the weeklong Celebrations.

For Branding, Stall & Sponsorsh ip contact: AbhijitBhattacharjee, Chairman, Branding, Stall & Sponsorship Committee (9705440431, 9848033874)

Branding, Stall & Sponsorship Committee members: Gautam Roy (9885672491, 7702991162), RJ Gupta (9059457157, 9399981654), AtinChoudhary (9849699890), SudiptoLahiri (9959455522), SujitChakraborty (9949055741), Ajay K Bose (9440054814),

Satyajit Banerjee (9000788477)


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